Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Under $5

     On the heels of my Favorite Things post, I decided to share some amazing products that I use daily that don't break the bank.  Each item I use retails for under $5 and I use them every day and cannot live without.  Again, I am not being paid to sponsor or endorse any of these products.

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

     In case you see my hairdresser, please don't tell her.  I have been doing nothing to my hair this whole summer.  I have curly, processed hair that usually gets put through some pretty harsh heat styling on a daily basis.  Summertime is the one exception.  I generally pull it back, wet or dry, and forget about it.  I don't have too many social outings that take me away from the beach, so the ponytail/bun look is totally acceptable.  That's where these hair elastics come to the rescue.  I don't know about you, but if the elastic is too thick and heavy, it weighs down the pony tail.  To solve the droop problem, I secure the elastic a lot tighter and get a major headache by the end of the day.  These little plastic puppies are perfect because I can secure it high or low and it never budges and  doesn't get tangled in my locks when I take it out at night.  They are light weight and come in colors, so they don't show in your hair.  I bought the black and it works with my hair color, but I could also get away with the brown or the clear.  They are made of smooth plastic and come is a variety of sizes depending on the thickness of your hair.  I have less hair as time goes on (let's not even go there), so the smaller size works well for me.   This actually works to my advantage because Audra needs the mack daddy of all hair ties for her thick mane of hair, so shucks, we can't share them.  Anything we seems to share, I seem to come out on the losing end of, so these babies are in my drawer.  I guess it really doesn't matter because the package of 400 was only $1.99.  I could afford to take two!  I bought mine at Marshall's.  I snapped them up when I spied them in that impulse section right by the cash registers.  I do see they are more expensive at Target but still under $5.  

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

Burt's Bees Peppermint Lip Balm

      This product is really the balm!!  I have been having a problem lately with dry mouth and, after extensive research, have figured out that it is causing my lips to become chapped and very irritated.  So, I spent a fortune on lip creams, balms and even resorted to using a lanolin based product that nursing mothers use on cracked nipples.  None of them solved my problem until I reached for my daughter's tube of Burt's Bees Peppermint Lip Balm.  I don't know if it is the vitamin E or the peppermint oil that calms the irritation immediately and seems to protect my lips from stinging when I eat very spicy foods.  I have used an entire tube this summer and cannot live without it.  It retails for around $3 a tube, but multi-packs offer more savings.

NYX Makeup Setter in Matte Finish

     I wear makeup daily, and this product was a game changer for me.  Previously, I was finding that my makeup was wearing away during the day.  Surprisingly, I would wash my face in the evening to find very little foundation would be left on my face from the day.  I am careful not to touch my face ever, but was often embarrassed when a smudge of foundation would transfer to to a person's shirt when I went in for a hug.  That's when I took the advise of another blogger, and looked into makeup setter.  I learned to spray the setter first, before applying my foundation, to set the stage for a budge-free finish.  Then I apply all my makeup and spray again.  The key is to spray four times on top of makeup, once in all directions, to set the full face.  It has never failed me and I get comments all the time from co-workers about how fresh I still look at the end of the day.  No more smudge transfers to clothing either!  I purchase the matte finish because I don't like to look shiny, but they do have a dewy finish that I may have to try eventually.   When I started buying the product, it retailed for around $5.  Probably due to major popularity, the price has gone up a little bit, but don't despair, it's name brand counterparts, like Urban Decay All Nighter, boast a price tag of $15 or more.  Yikes!! This is a product I use daily and cannot live without.

Sock Liners from GAP Factory

     These sock liners are amazing.  Let's be real here for a minute, I have a size 10 foot and most socks are snug (at best).  I have even had to buy some men's socks to get a proper fit, but this isn't the case with these beauties.  They are women's shoe liners and for all purposes, are no show socks.  I love the extra padding on the bottom of the sock, but it doesn't seem to take up any additional room in my shoe.  I am now wearing these with all of my sneakers and shoes.  I will be wearing flats to work soon and these save my pedicure from being ruined and also keep my feet comfortable without any sign of rubbing or chance of foot irritation during the day.  I love wearing a thin stockings like these because my feet don't get as tired as I am walking the school hallways and, not to get gross, no foot odor can arise, like when you are sporting your converse barefoot.  Joy!!  The price online is $6.99, but I scored them for $2.27 because I had an additional 10 percent off and redeemed some rewards.  Your price in the store would be $4.99, but here is the real kicker.  I opened the package thinking there was one pair, and to my surprise, there were two pairs of socks in each package.  So, I got 6 pairs for a whopping $6.81.  Score!!

Women's Sock Liner

Gold Disk Earrings

     As an avid style watcher, I have noticed that statement earrings are all the rage.  Who doesn't love a good door knocker hanging from your ear, right?  Any hoo, I was naturally obsessed with the earrings seen on my favorite reality television shows.  I won't admit bore you with how low I have stooped with regard the old boob tube.  I am trying to make it right and say it is for research purposes only, but that would be a lie.  I will do a post about the withdrawal I suffer because I am planning to clean up my viewing act.  Here is an example of the pair of earrings that caught my eye most recently.

So, I am walking through Walmart the other day and stopped dead in my tracks when I spied a gold disk earring on a display round.  At a whopping $2.88, I couldn't stop myself.  I have enjoyed wearing them this summer. I was concerned about the weight of some of the large earrings out there.  I wouldn't want anything heavy that would pull on the lobes.  These Walmart wonders are light as a feather.  Yay me!!

As an aside, and not part of the 5 under $5 theme, I thought I should mention a great product to help with heavy earrings pulling on the lobes.  I recognized I had a problem with my lobes stretching when I started wearing Kendra Scott Jewelry.  My daughter turned me on to the Lobe Wonder that we buy right at the Kendra Scott store.  They are little patches for the back of the ear to support and not pull on the lobes while you wear your favorite torture devices earrings.  They range in price from $6-$15 and it looks like there are around 60 patches in the box.  Here are some options.

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