Outfit of the Day

Hi All,  This is my first outfit of the day post.  I thought I would share what I wore to lunch with my college girlfriends today.  We had a ton of fun and I look forward to this outing every year.

Shirt   Converse Sneakers   Jeans   Necklace   Earrings
I don't know if you will agree, but I find that if I visit the actual store, the price on the items is exponentially cheaper than buying it online.  The necklace is $21.99 online, but I paid a little more than $9 for it at the store.  The shirt is adorable with bell sleeves that make it really modern.  This is a size large and I wish I had bought it in a medium.  I bought the navy in a medium and it sort of stretches out a little when I wear it, so downsizing is smart.  When washed, the cotton/modal material holds up well and doesn't lose shape at all.  

This picture was taken at my mother's house and you can see my sister's house in the background.  It is under construction, and I have enjoyed watching the renovation all summer long.  She lives across the street right now, and is moving on the other side of my mother.  I told her that she has mother issues.

I promise the picture quality will get better.  I hate blurry, fuzzy pictures.

Audra's bike has been in the driveway all summer.  She uses my mother's bike all summer, and had an unfortunate brake line failure the other day.  The cable broke, and thankfully, was still able to use the other brake to stop.  She texted me that she needed me to buy her a new bike.  She has been angling for a new bike for many years, but I can't justify it for the 6 weeks a year that we spend in Connecticut.  So, I was very happy when the bike shop was able to fix it for $15.  I call that a win!  I don't think Audra would agree.  She wants a beach cruiser (not!).

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