Monday, August 7, 2017

Goodbye Old Saybrook...

     The summer has been full of so many high points.  I asked Audra to tell me the highs and lows of the summer.  The high points were too numerous to count.  She spent a lot of time relaxing at the beach with her friends and she ate way too much pizza.  A low point this summer, and last summer too, come to think of it, was this...

Audra is not happy.

Yes, a broken phone.  Audra has had too many experiences with broken phones.  So many, in fact, that Big Tex (her dad) and I don't even acknowledge a cracked screen anymore.  It was my decision not to get the screen replaced because she was having a lot of trouble with her phone holding a charge all summer.  Fixing a cracked screen, on an older phone, might just set us up to waste a bunch of money.  It may be just dumb luck, but as soon as I replace a cracked screen, some other fatal problem crops up, and I am forced to buy a new phone anyway. Darned refurbished phones!!  Anyway, I decided that I needed a new phone, or actually a new camera, because I am really enjoying blogging and appreciate clear pictures when I am reading my favorite blogs.  Audra made the argument that I should buy the Iphone 7 plus because it has a new and improved camera feature.  To her advantage, I would give her my old phone, and all would be right with the universe once again.  That's my girl, a problem solver!!  I do feel like the pictures are amazing on the new camera.

     The rest of the post will chronicle the last day at the shore.  I zipped over to the Big Y and picked up steamed lobster for dinner.  At $7.99 per pound, we were able to have an incredible feast.   My family has put up with me hosted me all summer, so the lobster is the least I can do to repay the kindness they have shown me.

Mom loves her lobster.

This is the first year Audra pulled out the meat and ate the whole lobster.

Audra and her crazy aunt. 
We took a ride to the beach after dinner for sunset and social hour.  I asked the squad to meet us there for our last sunset together.  We crowded around and got as many pictures as possible before it became too dark.  I'm gonna miss the squad tons!

Me and Audra

Mini Squad

Lauren and her beautiful girls.

Beautiful Karen rushed to get back for our photo session.

Andrew didn't want to get into the picture.  I think he's tired of being the only boy!

Laurie and Steve

I see we have a photo bomber!
Left to right: Lauren, Heather, Me, Karen and Jenna with Chloe as the bomber.  Sadly, Liz is missing from this one.

I am still getting the hang of the new phone camera and don't understand why the pictures looks great on my phone, but once I transfer them to my computer and ultimately the blog, the pictures aren't as clear.  If anyone can tell me why this is happening, please post a comment below. 

Goodbye Summer of 2017!!!

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