Saturday, August 12, 2017

Movies I Recommend

     I have had the opportunity to fly this summer and randomly came across a couple of really good movies that I want to share with you.

Hello, My Name is Doris (R)

     Audra told me about the first movie called, "Hello, My Name Is Doris."  I was a little alarmed because it was rated R, so I decided to watched it.  It was a heartwarming, funny movie and I recommend you watch it as a family, especially if you have teenagers.

     Sally Fields plays an adorable, middle aged woman who decides to romantically pursue a much younger co-worker.  The Doris character is so likable, with her eclectic appearance and quirky personality.  I loved her willingness to take a risk, even though most of her life was dedicated to caring for her aging mother, who incidentally had hoarding tendencies that now plague Doris.  It has a great ensemble cast and didn't have any of the trappings of a dark comedy.  I laughed and I cried, but the movie spoke to my heart because it taught that we should all embrace differences in each other and celebrate them.

The Last Word

    A retired businesswoman wants to control everything around her, including her own obituary, so she writes her own to ensure her life story is told her way.  A young writer at the local newspaper takes on the challenge of finding out the truth.  Shirley MacLaine plays Harriette Lauler, the controlling and very lonely former business executive.  Amanda Seyfried plays the newspaper reporter, hired by Lauler, to publish a flattering obituary.  When looking at the elements of a good life, and ultimately a great tribute, many commonalities surface that send Lauler into scary and unchartered directions in her life.  Thus, Lauler and her newspaper protege embark on a journey that is heartwarming, funny and very therapeutic.  A feel good movie that you shouldn't miss.  

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